“Find The Online
Entrepreneur In You”

“Opportunities galore exist for an online entrepreneur today.”

The internet has evolved to a great place to become an entrepreneur. Indeed, there are many opportunities and numerous approaches to take to become successful and even increase your income.

We want to give you a feel for some of the ways in which you can run your own business online and ideas to follow through to help you in the process.

Our suggestion is to research what you truly love to do and find a mentor to help you ensure that that you avoid failure by learning the right steps to take.

Let’s get started...

Working Online
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Use Your Skills

Be A Freelancer. If you have skills that are marketable online, you can sign up a several websites or put out your shingle to find work. We are talking about skills, such as writing and transcription, administrative support such as data entry, design and multimedia, customer service, sales and marketing.

So, if you are knowledgeable about advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), or business services like accounting, project management or even legal, then you can jump right in. Tutoring and virtual concierge services are in demand, as well.

You can find such opportunities at websites like elance.com, guru.com, and odesk.com.

Publish On The Web

Let’s say that you have made the decision to publish a website or blog on the net. Just what are some of the things that you need to be aware of to become a success? We have put together a brief list of some of what we consider to be the most important.

Not the WWW
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Web Hosting Account - Your site or blog has to reside somewhere so your visitors can access it. It is not on your computer, but on a server with a web address that your visitors can find.

The company that provides this service for you is your web host.

A critical element for any online entrepreneur to consider in evaluating web hosts is whether you want just a host or a company that will provide other services for you.

Many well know some web host do just that and nothing more. That's fine, if you are willing to find all of the other services that you would want on your own.

Other web hosts perform many additional services that you may want (and need) to set up your site/blog.

Many provide a package deal where web hosting, site design, newsletters, site data, tools for page building and so forth are provided. We suggest you investigate to find the one that best fits your needs.

  • Website or Blog - Wordpress is very popular, but not all inclusive. Costs will add up. If you want to play around, then it is a good, inexpensive choice. However, if our opinion, if you want to build a web business to attract traffic for your product or services, then it is not the best option. SiteSell’s SBI (Site Build It!) is a great all-inclusive alternative, especially for the non-programmers.
  • Be careful not to spend large amounts of money on random programs. It is good to do research on those that are interesting and seem to meet your needs. Learn more about them to determine what the true costs are. Investigate and follow a plan of action to meet your objectives.
  • Avoid dishonest methods as you begin your adventure as an online entrepreneur, especially in linking with other sites. Paying for links is not a good approach.
  • Stay away from the get rich quick sales approaches. If you are trying to start a business, it does take work. That is what you would expect and that is what you will find. However, it can be done. I have done it and many others have done so as well. One hint is to search out a mentor, one who can guide you through the process.
  • Use your passion to help you decide the subject matter for your sites. Stay with that which you truly love, since you will be spending so much time with it. You want to project that passion to your clients and customers, and they will absorb your passion as well.
  • Research your topic and develop a business plan. - A business plan is essential to get you on the right track for anyone, including an online entrepreneur.
  • Follow a step by step plan. - This says it all.
  • Work hard and be persistent. - Ditto.

Continue your search for the best online career education.

Emulate Others

You may decide to publish a blog or build a website. You could sell products for others or for yourself, possibly photography, audio, video, or crafts in your own online store to name just a few.

Our suggestion, no matter which approach you use, is to emulate others - those that you admire - those that have been successful.

Guidance From Someone Who Has Been There
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Even on the web, find someone that has a similar passion and has a profitable business. See what they have done and how they did it. In fact, ask them. You would be surprised at how cooperative and helpful that some people will be in you search.

You may even find a way for that person to become your mentor, advising and helping you along the way. Learn from their mistakes and reach your potential in a shorter period of time by using this technique.

Learn each of the elements that you need to setup a successful website and you will have receive an online career education.

Once you understand how to properly set up a site, how to attract traffic, how to set up quality links from other sites, you can truly engage in affiliate marketing, Adsense, pay per click or any other legitimate technique for online revenue.

For me personally, I decided to develop a website that helped me build a web business, rather than just post my comments. Some people do become successful with a blog, but my research has shown me that a programmed approach to build a web business with all of the needed tools was the best way for me.

Yes, you can succeed in your quest to be successful entrepreneur online. However, just like anything that should be done right, it takes time. There is no get rich quick approach.

Gain Insight

There are many business ideas entrepreneurs have that don’t involve the internet. But in today’s world, just about any idea can be promoted by using the web.

If you know just how to do it, then you place yourself in a good position.

Prepare to spend some money to get started. It won’t be as much as setting up a storefront with inventory and such, but you will need the tools and online support from hosting to instructions to begin your career as an online entrepreneur.

Whichever approach you take to become an online entrepreneur, I do suggest that you search for a mentor, either in a formal way or informally finding your own.

Old Ideas Can Prosper Online Too
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You gain so much insight through a mentor and learn ways to prevent failure.

We wish you success on becoming an online entrepreneur!

Learn how to get an online career education.

More discussions for an online entrepreneur to follow soon.

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