“ Two Key Ideas
For Self Employment ”

“Our Ideas for Self Employment
Will Help You Achieve Success Quicker”

The Keys

You may have seen the top 10 list of ideas on how to start a business or the best approaches to attain self employed jobs. Well, I am going to give you just two (2) ideas that I feel are the most critical for you to become successful as a self employed business person.

And I am going to tell you right up front:

They are...

1. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Find out how others have been successful. Replicate it.

2. Try it out. Yes, I mean go in and do the work, if possible. If not, then talk to the owner that you want to emulate. Even if it is a one person shop, talk to her/him about their success. They will be willing to share, even mentor you. Spend time understanding the good, the bad and the ugly of that business. Then you will know what you are getting into.

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Great! Now that you know the answers, let’s talk more about them and what goes with them to see how it all fits together in our discussion on ideas for self employment.

Steps For Self Employment

Typically, there are several steps that should take place in your full evaluation of becoming self employed.

  • Don’t be fearful. Sure, you can be anxious about the process, but the key is to overcome any doubts that you may have. Don’t let them stop you.

  • Find something you are passionate about. Since you are going to be spending a good deal of time (and perhaps money) involved with your business, be sure that you enjoy and even look forward to it.

  • Look for businesses that stand the test of time. You can only go so far selling a ‘pet rock” or another fad. You can reduce your risk by choosing an area that has been around for a while and has staying power.

  • Double check the investment required. Your goal is to ensure that you can fund your business to the point where you are generating self-sustaining income. Being lean and mean is the course to take. This is an important consideration in the ideas for self employment.

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  • Understand the competition. In any area that you chose to place yourself, you should always evaluate the competition. Learn how they make their sales, how they provide their product or service, and how satisfied are their customers, among other things.

  • Determine how to be different. You want to differentiate yourself from the competition. So you should decide what you want to offer, how indeed will you be different, and most importantly, how will your customers/clients benefit from your product or services.

  • Develop a plan, a true business plan. Don’t spend forever on it and don’t wait, just move on and implement the plan.

  • Keep trying and learning. As you initiate your plan, things will happen. Don’t let that stop you. Adjust, learn and move on.

  • Failure is OK. Everyone who succeeds has failed many times before. Learn and continue.

  • Start Now!

Jump Off and Take Action
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Your Action Item

You can see how our top two critical ideas for self employment fit in. By replicating how others have become self employed, with adjustments for making your product or services uniquely yours, you save time in getting yourself to a break-even point for your business.

Your chances of success greatly improve.

By trying it out, you learn from someone who has been there, done that...a mentor. Actually, I believe that a mentor is the most important element in the determination of whether this business opportunity is right for you.

The mentor will help you gain insight and knowledge more quickly than you could ever have attained on your own. Most people want to share. Especially, they want to share their success.

My guidance for you in your quest for ideas for self employment is to seek out your own mentor. Find something that you are passionate about, then identify how you can be involved with it to build your business. Locate a mentor who is willing to share.

When you do that, you will truly leap-frog your competition!

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