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My Story...

The year was 2000 and I had just started working on my 21st year as an employee of the Atlantic Richfield Company and Vastar Resources family.

Then it happened!

British Petroleum, as it was known at the time, or BP as it is known today, had received approval to acquire ARCO and its subsidiary, Vastar Resources, Inc. Just two years before, BP acquired AMOCO, who had an office across the street from us in Houston.

Late in 2000, my world changed. My friends and colleagues that I have grown to know and respect during my ARCO and Vastar career would be either absorbed into BP or would leave for work elsewhere. The latter is what I chose

My challenge was to find a new job...a new career. I did just that and enjoyed meeting new co-workers, business partners and customers. I decided to establish my new career within the same industry.

Things Change
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It is not easy to change careers or find a new vocation.

Most of us have to got through the process at some time in our lives and it seems that people or changing careers more frequently.

I have learned things through that experience and in the years since that I want to share with you in hopes that you will gain insight to allow you to find a vocation for which you have a passion and will enjoy.

One item I have recognized, especially since the 2008 - 2009 recession, is that there is a strong need to match individuals searching for guidance and insight in areas and careers they wish to pursue with qualified mentors who can guide and instruct those individuals for success. Our goal is to do that for you right here.

The foremost idea that I want to convey is that if you have a chance to try out a new career or gain insight from someone who has done what you are striving to do, then take it!

Around 2007, I became interested in the web and all of the opportunities that it presented. This site is a direct result of the changing environment and the favorable set of circumstances that are now present for any individual to find their new vocation adventure.

All of the opportunities and success that I have encountered have been the result of the contribution and support of my family, especially my wife, Jency.

Jency and Don
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So I wish you success in your journey from this Vietnam veteran, classic car restorer, natural gas contracts manager, horse and dog lover, entrepreneur and website publisher.

May your adventures to and in your new vocation be awe-inspiring!

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