"Want To Find
Your Dream Jobs?
Vocation Adventures™ Can Help"

"Vocation Adventures™ Is The Fun Way To Quickly Learn
About Your Dream Job, Saving Time And Money,
Developing A Sense Of Achievement, Attaining Success, And Earning Income In A Field For Which You Are Passionate."


Don-vocation-adventures ... I’m Don D’Armond.

Do you have a passion? Want to turn it into your career? That's the way to life success!

Are you searching for that perfect match of earning income and truly enjoying your work? If you are frustrated in trying to find your dream jobs, I may have the perfect solution for you. Get ready for the most amazing adventure of your life.

We want to provide what you need to evaluate a new career to decide if it is right for you. No prior experience required for the career change in which you are interested.

You may have had days, just like me, where you wake up and cannot wait to get to work. You know you will receive self-satisfaction by your work. However, those days may not come as frequently as you would like.

The reason could be that your passion is missing from your work. How can you go about identifying which career embodies your passion?

That is where Vocation Adventures™ comes in! We provide you a valuable, engaging, enlightening and satisfying experience to help you find the best careers for you.


Take The Leap
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We will take you through areas to examine and will provide focus and clarity to the driving elements of your life. You may want to start off with a self-assessment to begin the process and really concentrate on defining your passion.

The fire and spirit within you could already be very evident. If that is the case, you may want to jump right into the process. You will find discussions on career change advice, entrepreneur ideas and practical items, such as resume writing for career change, and many more.

Knowledge and insight from someone who has been there is so valuable. We will provide guidance on how to find a mentor (a trusted friend, counselor or teacher). The mentor environment can add so much to your understanding of your future.

Mentor At Work
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Want to examine entrepreneur ideas and become self employed? Let’s investigate the characteristics of an entrepreneur and evaluate self employment opportunities. Or you could find the corporate world, in a new and rewarding setting, could meet all of your needs.

It really depends on you and what drives you!

Our goal is to help you find how you can match the joy of working with your passion while earning income and become a success.

Are you ready to start your Adventure?

Do more than follow your passion, LIVE IT!

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